Share The Road-Campaign

Share The Road – Campaign

10 Mar


The purpose of Share the Road campaign is to address the lack of understanding and awareness among people on bikes and heavy vehicle drivers of issues involving safety for people cycling around heavy vehicles. The campaign will provide these two groups with clear guidance on sharing the road in a manner that is respectful of their individual needs. The Campaign goal is Making safer roads for heavy vehicle drivers & bicycle users.

People who cycle and people who drive trucks getting to know one another: It is only when the drivers go for a ride, and when the cyclists jump up into the cab of a truck can they understand each others position.


Key Messages to Drivers

Driving behind a cyclist? Leave plenty of space.

Cyclists ride further out from the kerb and parked cars because it’s safer.

When you pass a cyclist, leave a buffer of space between you.

Key Messages to Cyclists

Keep control of your bike and the situation.

Ride to be seen and predictable.

Choose safe routes.


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